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D’var Torah at a Memorial for Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich – Meir Lakein

נפל עטרת ראשינו

The crown of our head has fallen.

I never had the zechus to know either of Nommi’s parents, so I know them through her.  Through the stories that Nommi has been kind enough to share with me, yes, but that’s only part of it.  I also know them through the way that Nommi carries on their work, the way that she models who they are.  Talking to Nommi after her mother was niftar, I said that the more I learn about her parents, the more I understand where she came from.

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From the Writings of Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich: My Brother, Harold U. Ribalow

My Brother, Harold U. Ribalow (from the Jewish Spectator, 1983)
“My brother Uri died twice.  The first time on the night of May 9, 1977, in the operating room at New York University hospital.  After many hours of open heart surgery, his heart failed.  It was only after two more operations and the desperate efforts of an unusual medical team that he survived.  Everybody who was at all involved said it was a miracle that he did.  From that day til the day he closed his eyes forever, on October 22nd, 1982, I always felt that his life was a gift, and each time I heard his voice over the phone, it seemed to me it came from another world, a world he had already partially entered.”

From the Writings of Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich: Love After Death

Love After Death (from the Jewish Spectator, 1980)
“After my mother’s death last spring, I realized that many well-meaning people offer the wrong consolations.  My mother died ‘at a good old age,’ it is true, but this did not lessen my sorrow.”

email thoughts

The email below was written by Reena Ribalow, a poet and writer who lives in Jerusalem.  She is the niece of Martha Hadassah and cousin to Leah, Shira, and Nommi. 


Dear Meirs, Levins and Belcourts,

It’s been hard to even gather my thoughts to write to you. Martha’s going seemed to take a part of me, as well; also, it deepened and reawakened the loss of my father. The two were so intertwined by love, history, respect: their bond was largely unspoken, but so palpable it had a life of its own. It was something with which I grew up, showing how deep and unwavering love can be. One of my more consoling thoughts was– now my father has company. They are together again, as they were in their small Bronx bedroom (where he told her a monster would eat her toes if they were uncovered, and she could never sleep with uncovered toes for the rest of her life). Continue reading ’email thoughts’

Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich – paid obituaries

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From the Writings of Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich: The Jewish Woman: Liberated or Enslaved

Click below to download “The Jewish Woman: Liberated or Enslaved” by Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich, a speech written and delivered in 1972.


Hesped (Alexander Nadich Levin)

My brothers, my cousins and I are the luckiest group of grandchildren in the world, and I am so grateful today to be able to share a few words about our grandmother – our Savta.  There are so many memories, experiences and stories to share, each reinforcing that we were all so blessed with the most wonderful grandmother.  She showed each of us so much love and affection, and was wise and graceful in every way that she participated in our lives. Continue reading ‘Hesped (Alexander Nadich Levin)’

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