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Martha Hadassah Ribalow Nadich – paid obituaries

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It’s too late for students to interview WWII era Jewish champion of faith (Baltimore Examiner 2.22.08)

The kids in the eighth grade at Yeshivat Rambam, a Jewish school on Park Heights Avenue at Strathmore, have been getting ready to interview Holocaust survivors. Their oral history project is several months too late to include a giant from those days, a man raised in a grocery store not far from their school, down at the corner of Smallwood and Pressbury streets. Rabbi Judah Nadich, a World War II Army chaplain with the rank of lieutenant colonel, was General Eisenhower’sadviser on Jewish affairs when refugees flooded Western Europe at war’s end. He died at age 95 Aug. 26 in New York City. Continue reading ‘It’s too late for students to interview WWII era Jewish champion of faith (Baltimore Examiner 2.22.08)’

Rabbi Judah Nadich – paid obituaries

NADICH–Rabbi Judah. Beloved husband, father, and grandfather. Mourned by Martha Hadassah, Leah and Aryeh Meir, Shira and James Levin, Nahma Nadich and David Belcourt and Natan, Adin, Vered, Alexander, Gideon, Benjamin, Rosina and Aliza. Funeral at Park Avenue Synagogue, Monday August 27th at 1pm. Shiva at 1040 Park Avenue Apt 4D, NY, NY. Contributions can be sent to the Nadich Fund at the Jewish Theological Seminary or the Heschel School.

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Saying farewell to a once local rabbi (The Jewish Advocate – Boston)

Saying farewell to a once local rabbi

By Raphael Kohan

Rabbi Judah Nadich, an influential figure in the Conservative movement for over half a century, died in his New York home on Aug. 26. He was 95 years old.

Nadich, who served the Boston Jewish community for a decade as rabbi at Kehillath Israel in Brookline from 1947 to 1957, was an early supporter of ordaining women rabbis and of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Continue reading ‘Saying farewell to a once local rabbi (The Jewish Advocate – Boston)’

Rabbi Judah Nadich, adviser to Eisenhower (AP)

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Rabbi Judah Nadich, adviser to Eisenhower

By Associated Press

September 3, 2007

NEW YORK – Rabbi Judah Nadich, a military chaplain who advised General Dwight D. Eisenhower on Jewish affairs after the discovery of Nazi concentration camps in the last months of World War II, has died at age 95.

His grandson, Natan Meir, said Rabbi Nadich died of a heart attack at his home in Manhattan Aug. 26.

In addition to his military service, Rabbi Nadich was noted as an early supporter of the civil rights movement and as an advocate of equality for women in Jewish religious ceremonies, including their ordination as rabbis. Continue reading ‘Rabbi Judah Nadich, adviser to Eisenhower (AP)’

Rabbi Judah Nadich: An advocate of his people (New Jersey Jewish Standard)

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Rabbi Judah Nadich: An advocate of his people

By Dr. Alex Grobman

Published 08/30/2007

Much will be written about Judah Nadich, the 95-year-old rabbi emeritus of the Park Avenue Synagogue and founding board member and honorary trustee of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School who died on Sunday. He was an icon in the Conservative movement.

During World War II, Nadich was an American Jewish chaplain. After the liberation of Paris in August 1944, he served at the Office of the Theater Chaplain in the city. By virtue of his position, he became an unofficial spokesman on Jewish affairs for the foreign correspondents of The New York Times, The New York Herald Tribune, and other members of the American press in the region. Continue reading ‘Rabbi Judah Nadich: An advocate of his people (New Jersey Jewish Standard)’

Rabbi Judah Nadich (editorial – New York Jewish Week)

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Rabbi Judah Nadich ((08/31/2007)

Judah Nadich, who died this week at the age of 95, served many constituents during his remarkable rabbinic career, most notably the members of Park Avenue Synagogue here in Manhattan and, prior to that, as chaplain to tens of thousands of Jewish soldiers who fought in Europe during World War II. Continue reading ‘Rabbi Judah Nadich (editorial – New York Jewish Week)’

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